Landing pages are used for specific reasons such as marketing and advertising. They are focused on a single objective that matches the intent of the ad that your visitor has clicked on. More information on landing pages can be found here.

When Should I Use Landing Pages on My Website?

Landing pages help your business receive more sales, emails leads, build relationships with your clients, etc. There is a multitude of ways that you can gain business by using marketing campaigns on landing pages.

Long Term Landing Pages

Long term landing pages can be used for:

Newsletter sign-ups

How-to guides

Longer-term offers  


Free content

Free trial offers

You must make sure that you continue to use those SEO techniques. You must:

Write a clear headline

Make an accessible, Call to Action, button

Include a list of benefits

Use keywords and header codes

Unique Inbound Marketing Landing Pages

You can also make landing pages for unique reasons.


You can make a landing page that is designed for specific people on Facebook. When you do this, you must use the same image on your page that you use for Facebook and its ads. You can also structure your landing page with the same tone and structure that is on said page. It should be short, sweet, are most importantly shareable.


You can also use unique landing pages for email campaigns, which should be modified for your specific market. Email automation, (the ability to send time or action triggered emails to subscribers), campaigns are sent out progressively in order to persuade your visitors and possible customers to buy into your business. Your landing page should illustrate what you presented in your email. It is never a good idea to deceive your customers, it never ends in your favor.

Segmented Landing Pages

Segmented landing pages are amazing at gaining conversation because you can speak directly to your demographics. Building landing pages for your customer groups can drive traffic with separate and specific marketing flows. For example, if you own an amusement park, you can advertise for single tickets and family plans on two different landing pages. You can then run Facebook ads and send out segmented emails to who you are trying to reach. It’s always a great idea to make landing pages that your customers can relate to because then people have a connection and will more likely buy into your product.

In conclusion, yes, your website should have landing pages. If you disregard them, you probably won’t have the customer base you want, nor your products sold. There are many ways that you can use landing pages to benefit your business, it only takes creative thinking and most importantly, action.  

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