If you have a business, you should have a website. That being said, your website should also be professional and pleasing to the eye. A simple click on your link brings visitors to your home page and whatever is on that page is going to be your visitor first impression of you. People are visual beings meaning that if your website isn’t organized, it will have a negative impact on its success. Websites with dynamic images and fewer words are more popular because it appeals to our human nature. The gist is that beauty can speak for itself. Look at Apple’s page for their iPhone. It’s organized, widespread, sleek, and most important visually appealing. The better the web design, the more credibility your business will have.

When it comes to content with pictures and words, people rarely read it word for word. Others just focus on the images and skim through the sentences. Create content for your website that utilizes pictures more than words. It’s more often than not that people will connect to your brand better with appealing visuals. A website cannot only succeed with a compelling design. It also has to function properly. First,

Keep your homepage simple and readable

Again, people usually only skim websites, picking out the information that they want to know. Most people want to find answers to their questions with ease. With this information in mind, appeal to the audience’s emotion rather than your word count. So, images and icons can be an alternative way to communicate. The word that you do you, should be easy for people to recognize and understand. Your word shouldn’t be too small, and your font shouldn’t be ridiculous. I don’t think I need to explain what fonts to use.

Adapt for other Devices

We are in the era of technology. We now have phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. What’s going to come next?! Whatever it is, your website should be optimized so that it can be viewed from handheld devices. We are currently more dependent on our phones than have ever been, and sooner or later mobile searches are going to be higher than computer searches. Optimizing your website for phones might be a little trickier because sometimes edits we do for one doesn’t transfer over to the other. It’s tedious but necessary.

Make sure it’s easy to navigate

If your links are broken, good luck having successful traffic. It’s self-explanatory, connect your links to the right pages. Your visitors aren’t there to figure out where everything on the website is. It should be easily visible, and easy to get to. Here are some tips;

o Link your logo to your homepage.

o Make sure you have a footer. This may include a shortened version of your menu, social icons and additional important links (terms of use/FAQ/contact/blog, etc.).

For Inquiries contact us at:
Office Line: (413) 301-7962
Email: info@wamplermacgregor.com
Website: http://www.wamplermacgregor.com

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