Today, there are billions of people on the internet, searching, clicking, and enjoying content. Some of this content has gone “viral” meaning that it has circulated quickly and widely from one person to another. To become viral, your content is going to have to be creative as well as shareable. This isn’t a walk in the park, especially if you are just starting out. First, you have to have good equipment as well as good editing skills. Then you will have to come up with a good idea.

 Ideas don’t grow on trees, but you can get them from sites that already have viral content on them. Believe it or not, a lot of business have trouble coming up with ideas of their own, so it isn’t bad to get inspiration from somewhere else.  After this you have to try to persuade your audience to do whatever you want them to do. As we’ve learned in English class, the three modes of persuasion are Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Ethos appeals to ethics, pathos to emotions and logos to logic. So, when writing your content, use numbers, data, and statistics so it seems more reputable to your audience. I highly recommend keeping these modes in mind when you create your content.

If you want your content to go viral, you gave to be consistent. First, get your strategy in place and learn how to create emotionally driven content that people will not resist sharing on their social media. It’s a good idea to create content based on positive feelings, but some people also share things that are sad or has to do with modern change. That’s why so many people click on headlines with the word “Trump” in it.

Start with your headline

Your headline is going to be the first thing that catches your visitors’ eyes. So, make it interesting so they will want to read whatever you are posting. Buzzfeed is great at this. Here are some of their headlines;

Also, use power words that will compel people to click on your content. Words such as confessions, broke, secret, reveal. Incredible, stunning, etc.  After you do this, make sure your points are easily digestible so people will be persuaded to share your content.

Viral Marketing Tools

If you are online or offline you need to connect with your audience. With marketing campaign tools, it can save you time, and make your life easier, so you can make more money. It gives you a competitive advantage over marketers who do not use them. They can double your traffic, generate leads, and automate your sales process. Obviously, with automation, you can put less time into sales and more time into personal things, such as networking and speaking at events.

Measure the Virality of Your Content

When do you anything that has to do with marketing, you should ALWAYS measure the campaigns effectiveness? Say 2,000 visitors joined your email subscription, you will need to track how many of those visitors will turn into leads, and eventually buy a product. When your content becomes viral, you will be generating visitors from all different types of sites. You will want to measure how many these types of people come there. With this information, you can market your products to these specific groups.

We know the power of viral content.  Even the silliest of ideas can generate conversation. Content that involves laughter is the most shared. For instance, the world record egg.

            This eggs alone received almost 54 million likes (including myself). Because of this one post, this account now has 8.1 million followers, and have received at least 1 million likes on each post. So, this isn’t impossible, it just takes an idea and action.

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