Writing content isn’t easy. It takes time and dedication. In order to boost your SEO rankings, and/or gain traffic, you have to write great content for your blog or site. So, I’m going to say this now. Don’t waste your time reading this article if you are choosing to write poor content that will ultimately get you nowhere. Your writing should be original so that the search engines can help your website gain more exposure.

Create Original Content

Copying content from another creator will be penalized by Google. Your ideas should be original because as said before, it helps Google and your visitors. Many will be tempted to tell you that you should not create content based on things that are “played out”. But sometimes it isn’t a bad idea to do so. Everyone learns in different ways, and if you can take one piece of content and switch it up for another media, that can expand the number of people coming to your website or blog.

Focus On Strong Headlines

Your headline is just as important as the information you are writing about. The headline is the first thing your visitor is going to see. 80% of people read your headlines, while only 20% of those people click and read the rest of your content. Take your time writing your headlines. Create a few and try to pick which one is best. Ask colleagues which one they would want to read.

Provide Answers

This is obvious, but people end up on your site because they want answers and Google is great a this. If you have an inquiry about something, put it in google, and you get links, pictures, videos, etc. They want answers to their questions, and if you cannot provide it in an easy way, they will more likely leave your website before reading all of the information. Therefore, get to the point.

Be Factual

Your information should only include facts because some people believe everything they read online. It isn’t okay to deceive your readers with information that isn’t factually correct only because it supports your writing. Do your research, it isn’t that hard.

Also, this shouldn’t have to be said because we should all know it’s not okay to steal someone’s information or ideas, BUT I’ll say it again anyway. You shouldn’t steal someone else’s information or ideas!! Always give them credit by linking them to the information in your content, or even have a work cited at the bottom of your page. Do whatever you choose to do, as long as you give them credit. They worked hard to create their content as well.

Add Images and Videos

Like I said before, everyone learns differently. Your job is to help them out so that they can take in your information as easily as possible. Add videos, images, diagrams to your content to further illustrate your point. No one only wants to look at words, unless they are reading a book. Either way, only add images when they help or add value to your writing.

Make Continual Updates to Your Website or Blog

By now, you should know that you cannot create something and then leave it behind especially if you have goals in mind. It’s like creating a business and then expecting it to go places by itself. That’s not realistic. It takes time, dedication, and most importantly work. As soon as you create something, it’s a commitment. If you do not have time to create good content, hire someone else to do it or have fewer expectations. Create a plan that you know you can achieve. If you are creating blogs, that can mean sitting down and busting a few of them out one or two days a week, then scheduling them for certain days so you don’t have to worry about them later.

Again, writing isn’t easy. But as you continue it does get easier and your writing gets better. It’s also easier to write about something you are passionate about. Keep that in mind when it comes to your goals.

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