Over the years, the cost of acquiring customers has increased by over 50%. Brands have become less trustworthy to their customers and marketing has become more expensive.

Defining Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition refers to gaining new customers. It can be considered to be the link between advertising and customer relationship management. Getting new customers involves persuading your consumers into buying your company’s products and services. Companies and organizations consider the cost of customer acquisition to be important because it evaluates how much value a customer brings to their business. Successful customer acquisition strategies include customer referrals, customer loyalty programs, etc.

Customer acquisition is important for any business, so don’t count yourself out.

It allows your business to make money to meet costs, pay employees, and reinvest in growth. It also shows your investors, partners, and influencers that your business has traction.

As customers move through the funnel, meaning their buying journey, they;

Gain awareness of your brand

Add your product or service to their consideration pool, and

Make a choice to become a paying customer of your business.

Customer acquisition refers to the funnel as a whole. Lead generation happens at the top of the funnel, lead acquisition happens in the middle, and lead conversation happens at the bottom.

The Customer Acquisition Process

It takes time, effort, and strategies to take full advantage of customer acquisition. The first step is to identify the quality of potential customers. Next, the company takes these leads and see if they are viable. If it seems that a lead is viable and it seems you are able to acquire a new customer, this person would be upgraded to prospect and assigned to a salesperson for further interaction. A customer acquisition strategy can involve reaching out to potential customers through calls and mailing lists. This allows companies to determine which individuals have already expressed interest in or have already used similar products.

A lot of customer acquisition programs include establishing a relationship with prospective customers to see how your products will help their needs. Sometimes sale reps will attempt to identify unstated needs so that they can build data based on ongoing conversations and interactions with said prospects. They also take this information so that they can offer additional products, allowing the prospective customers to see greater value from purchasing products they were already considering.

Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer acquisition costs or CAC is determined by dividing the total costs associated with acquisition by the total number of new customers within a specific time. Companies and organizations need to get ROI from marketing and sales campaigns towards customer acquisition.

Benefits of Customer Acquisition

Using customer acquisition right helps companies grow. targeted customer acquisition programs help companies acquire the right customers for their business. It’s always best to know your demographic so you do not waste money on advertising to customers that won’t buy your products. For upstart companies with very little product, customer acquisition is very important. For established companies to grow most effectively they should find ways to attract, satisfy and retain customers. Well-known companies don’t need customer acquisition as much as smaller businesses because they are well known, and it’s more likely that customers bring them knew customers by word of mouth.

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