In order for a business to grow and succeed they need to bring in new customers. No matter how many customers you have, it’s a good idea to have a road-map for customer acquisition. Honestly, it’s unlikely that a web crawler visiting your site for the first time with buy one of your products. You have to have your prospective customer’s full attention to get engaged with your brand before they purchase. Build a solid acquisition plan by developing relationships with your targeted audience.


First, you have to know who your customers are. Who are you targeting? You can waste a lot of money, resources and customer acquisition if you don’t know who you want to market to. Create a community that focuses on the customer experience. Have informal conversations with existing customers. You can ask them what they would like to know more about. Loyal customers won’t mind if you are asking them for ideas. Social media is also effective when trying to build engagement. Just by clicking on hashtags you can find what shoppers are saying about different brands, negative and positive. Have conversations with prospects and encourage your team to set up 1-2-1’s interactions.


A sustainable customer acquisition strategy means that the investments you make now can benefit you in the future. If you wanted to gain new customers through a blog, make sure you can produce content throughout your career. You can make one blog and leave it to fend for itself, but that won’t bring you the results you may want. If these posts are well written and informational, they should bring sustainable traffic and new customers. 

Develop Partnerships

Gain exposure by teaming up with other brands that allow both of you to benefit. This allows your company to be exposed to their customers, and vice versa. For example, Spotify and Uber teamed up allowing customers to play their favorite playlist while in the car they hired for a better ride experience.


Customers don’t like brands, so you have to convince them to trust you.  Be flexible because marketing and sales, and the way people respond to them are always changing. I would be lying if I said I didn’t hang up on reps for trying to sell me something. Consumers trust the advice of their peers more than a business. Change it up. When creating content, think about remaking it in different media. Everyone learns differently, and if they can learn from your company in an easy way, they may view you as a reliable resource.

Limit Spending

I wouldn’t recommend recruiting a large sales team. It’s important to have a few, but if your sales team isn’t bringing in customers, you’re wasting money. Have a few sale reps and use marketing automation software to nurture those leads. There are many different companies that sell CRM software. Build a relationship with the customers you do have because they can give you business from word of mouth.

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