Defining digital marketing

Digital marketing is marketing but online. It is achieving marketing objectives through digital technologies and media. People who are in digital marketing manage different forms of online presence which could be websites, apps (mobile or not), and social media. It also includes search engine marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.


Some tactics are:

Email – You use email campaigns which are a set of individual emails that are sent across a specific amount of time for a specific purpose, like advertising.

Social Media – It makes it a lot easier to target specific demographics. People are connected and can easily share information that they find interesting in a matter of seconds.

Search Marketing – You can promote your website by increasing the amount of SERPs or search engine result pages by paying for ads.

Content Marketing – Create, publish, and distribute content to a targeted audience online.

Advertising – Showing off your products and services to your audience.

Web Analytics – The measurement and analysis of wen date is a great tool to use when looking for your targeting audience. It also shows how well a certain website is doing.

These are used to acquire new customers and provide services to existing customers.  People can interact with brands from all their devices, gaming consoles, TVs, PCs, and smartphones. Again, that’s the big difference between marketing and digital marketing. With digital marketing, you have the whole world at your fingers in an instant, while people who aren’t online, have the whole world, but it’ll take forever to get there.

Website Optimization – Condition your website so that it runs and look smooth. People are visual beings, things should be where there are supposed to be, and it should do it fast because people also have short attention spans.  

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