Everything has changed immensely in the last 30 years. The first built United States shopping mall was opened in 1992, but now most of them are closing down. It’s not only malls, department stores that stand alone cannot keep their stores because most people aren’t going to them. We can deduce that online shopping or e-commerce, and consumer laziness is the culprit of this. Almost all, if not all, companies sell their products online. Many have traded the old brick and mortar shop to the ease of selling their products from home. Some large companies have their own e-commerce shop and website that they have built, while smaller business who can’t afford to build their own use platforms. This month we will be looking at the pros and cons of five e-commerce platforms.




Easy Design

All-in-One Solution

15-Day Free Trial

Store Management

Built-in Marketing

No Transaction Fees

Intuitive Built-in Features

Helpful Customer Service

No Hassle Speed & Security

Creating Products is Simple

Multiple Sales Channels

BigCommerce has great conversion tools, delivery and shipping efficiency, complaint improvement and discount offers. You can create professional-looking stores with no experience at all. They have a plethora of how-tos, advice, and newsletters on how to run a successful eCommerce store. They have a great system for search rankings, fast loading times, traffic, and larger conversation rates. Their website speed is fast, and they have multiple layers of security to help with payment processing. Their customer service is known to be very helpful so do not hesitate to ask.






Expensive Themes

No Lite Version

Extra Fees for Successful

Inventory Management

If you have steady profit growth, it’s likely that BigCommerce will charge you more. They only have 7 free themes, and the other premium ones cost about $170-$195. The lowest monthly payment is $29.95, and they go up. Then you have transaction fees, which on the silver plan is 2%. It might not seem big, but they add up. Then there are credit card fees and add on fees from 3rd party apps. The theme editor is not drag-and-drop, so it is a little difficult when you first start, but you can get the hang of it. To run a store, you have to sell products and unfortunately, BigCommerce buries their inventory management options with their product options. BigCommerce locks their users in so if you wanted to try out a different type of software, you would have to close your store.

Key Features


Price Lists

Bulk Pricing

Site Speed

Digital Wallets




Customer Groups

Social Commerce

Mobile Optimization

Coupons & Discounts

Theme Customization

WordPress Integration

Checkout Customization

Preview Before Publishing


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