Beginner Friendly

Customer Logins

Multilingual Sites

Never Edit Blindly

No Transaction Fees

Eye-catching Designs

Extensive Apps Market

Detailed Support Database

Advanced Ecommerce Tools


Wix is the lowest costing platform of the five listed. They seem very generous compared to the others based on what they offer. Their enterprise option is $500 a month and is usually targeted at big businesses. The Wix editor shows you how your edits impact the design of your storefront and the interface is easy to use, it is drag-and drop. There are also mobile-responsive templates. Mobile responsive and mobile-friendly are two different things. It’s better to have a responsive mobile site. Wix aids you by focusing on creating and developing your brand. They also have a large variety of templates that will catch the eye of your customers. Their SEO options are good, you can customize page titles, meta-tags, and the URLs.


Large Ads on the Free Version

No stock Management Alerts

No Automatic Tax Calculator

Real-Time Shipping Only in the U.S.

Difficult to Switch to Another Template

One issue Wix has is that they do not have stock management alerts. They do not tell you when levels are running low. Confirmation emails can’t be entirely customized. Also, there real-time shipping is only available in the U.S.

Key Features



Order Tracking


Newsletter Tools

Tax and Shipping

Over 500 Templates

Secure Shopping Cart

Product Galleries

Automatic Email

Discount Code Creator

Optimized Mobile Store

7 Payment Processors

Drag and Drop Website

Special Thank You Message


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