Intuitive Dashboard

Speed and Security

24/7 Customer Support

Customer Support & Onboarding

No Transaction Fees

A Full Set Of eCommerce Tools

Built-in Education & Professional Services

Just like BigCommerce, Volusion has a large selection of guides, eBooks, courses, and newsletters to help you run your online store. They even take it a step further with account specialists who take a direct interest in your store so you can set up your account right. Volusion offers support via phone, email, chat, ticket system and they are there 24/7. Their customer service isn’t as great as BigCommerce and Shopify, but they are still good. Speed is extremely important in e-commerce because no one has time to wait for a page to load, especially if they are shopping. Your store will be hosted on servers optimized for a speedy site. Volusion gives you control over your security and checkout.




Bandwidth Limit

Design Options

SSL Certificates

Design Options

Blogging and CMS

3rd Party Apps & Extensions

Website Rendering & Revisions

Volusion isn’t as expensive as BigCommerce except for their business package. They use AngularJS for rendering which SEO hates. Google says that “Angular websites can be made discoverable”. They have SEO tools in their Dashboard, but the page doesn’t render any new meta information. It actually doesn’t render anything at all. They assign you as a Google Tag Manager without your consent or approval. There are also 3rd party trackers that have access to EVERYTHING that you and your visitors do. Also, your personal account information will be embedded into the public source code of the website. Volusion has a very limited theme template store. There are literally  12 themes. They do have 3rd party apps and extensions but there is only 14 of them. They also do not have any software to make content, so they also do not have CMS.

Key Features





Plugins & Extensions

Content Management

Inventory Management

Customer Management



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