Lower price

Live chat support

Effective Customer Support

15 Day Free Trial Offers

Unlimited Storage in every plan

Fully Scaled Product Storage Choices

Broad Range of Payment Methods

User-friendly Interface for Experienced Users

The price for 3D Cart is a lot lower than the other software for the first 6 months. After the promo, it is the same price as BigCommerce except that the price for pro is $20 less. They offer unlimited storage for every plan, so if you are selling a lot of products with photos and video uploads, that is one less thing to worry about. They also allow a wide variety of payment gateways. Shoppers will be able to pay with almost all available online payment methods. 3D Cart also has live chat support that can help you solve simple problems.


Additional Costs

Bugs in Admin Panel

Poor Customer Service

Templates are Not good

Limited Themes & Often Outdated

Not the Most Straightforward

Even though they have live chat support, customers have complained that it is poorly serviced.  Help and support usually take a long time to give proper answers. 3D Cart also has some bugs in their admin panel and many users have complained that the interface is too cluttered. Their templates also aren’t the best. Free templates aren’t professional, and the custom templates cost an extra $99.  They also have multiple essential features that are paid for, even though other competitors’ platforms have them for free.

Key Features

200 Built-in Features

Real-Time Shipping

Mobile-Ready Themes

100+ Secure Payments

Comprehensive  Control Panel

Powerful Marketing Tools


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