Email is a great way to market your products to other people. All you have to do is get them to sign up for your product or newsletter and then pop out content. Sounds easy right? Wrong! Many people think they can go into email campaigning and immediately get the results they are hoping for. Some are innately good at persuasion, for others not so much. In reality, it actually takes a lot longer, so you have to have faith and determination.

Some people have high unsubscribed rates, low CTR, and low open rates. People are just not engaged. You need high open rates because it tells you how well your relationship with your readers is. With high open rates, you should expect high click-through rates. Click-through rates are how many people are clicking on any link that’s in your email. If people aren’t getting persuaded to click your link you might not get any conversation or purchases. Then, this boring content that is getting no results, leads to a high unsubscribe rate. This is the opposite of what you want. Of course, you want people to subscribe to you and stay subscribed.

Personally, I know a lot of people who have over 1000 unopened emails in their inbox. You never know, you are probably one of them. What makes your email different from all of those other emails? What would make your audience excited to open your email versus the other 999? Inboxes are often filled with uninteresting and boring emails. Your email can be easily drowned, and Google doesn’t make it easier for you to be noticed. You need to seduce people into opening your emails.

How to Get People to Open Your Emails

Subject Lines

Make strong subject lines that would entice people to be curious about the contents of your email. Most of the time simple subject lines beat clever. Even so, sometimes you have to be clever. If you don’t have any ideas, you can subscribe to popular email lists and study their subject lines.

Use Powerful Words

Use powerful words in your subject lines, because that is the first thing they see when they get a notification. Also use persuasive words because people like things that can move and relate to them. Don’t be afraid to occasionally use weird and bizarre words. Used correctly, it can catch the eye of your reader very quickly.

Promise Something Good

No one is going to stay subscribed to your anything if it doesn’t interest them in any way. First, make sure you are marketing to the right people. Then if you see your unsubscribe rate rising you know that you are not doing something right. You have to do better at providing the people with something that they would enjoy.


Don’t expect all your readers to be the same. Even though you are supposed to be marketing to a specific audience, that doesn’t mean everyone has the same views. Learn to experiment. See what people like and what they hate. Trying something new proves to your reader that you are indeed trying. You do not need to follow a strict formula. Templated emails are usually quick and very boring to read. Add a personal touch, because it makes the audience feel more connected to you. You automatically become more approachable. Experimenting comes to the development of your natural voice.

Build a Relationship

People conversate better with real people. So, if you’re using an automated message all the time, stop. I understand if you’re busy, but people feel like they are more included if you add a personal touch. When you build a relationship, your readers are going to anticipate your emails and will open them. They will recognize your name and your writing. Guess what, if you have a great relationship, it’s more likely they will open your email and read it, even if your subject line sucks.

If you don’t want the headache, we can do it for you. If you don’t have the time, or just don’t want to write your own email campaigns, we can do it for you. We are professionals with the ability to get you the results that you want. We will work with you till we can get you high click-rates, open-rates, and conversation. Contact us for any inquiries you may have. We’d be happy to help.


Published by Wampler MacGregor & Associates

We are a Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency located in Springfield Massachusetts. We believe that small and medium-sized businesses are the economic foundation this country was and still is built on. We promise to give each client the same treatment as if they were our only client.

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