Why Are Keywords Important

Whether you are writing a blog, building a website, or building your resume, keywords are important as they are what makes you stand out, it’s the focus word or phrase that separates you from your competition. Before search engines, keywords were used everyday by employers and employees when posting and applying for jobs. Employers would …

A Quick Guide to Great Customer Service – 5 tips

I often complain about bad customer service and believe me, I am not the only one who probably feels the same way. If professors can be rated so can your business and most of those ratings come from the type of customer service you or your team is giving. If you need help improving your customer service, here are some tips.

How to Get People to Open Your Emails – 5 Steps

Email is a great way to market your products to other people. All you have to do is get them to sign up for your product or newsletter and then pop out content. Sounds easy right? Wrong! If you aren’t confident in your emails, here are some tips.