Whether you are writing a blog, building a website, or building your resume, keywords are important as they are what makes you stand out, it’s the focus word or phrase that separates you from your competition.

Before search engines, keywords were used everyday by employers and employees when posting and applying for jobs. Employers would ask for specific qualifications when posting positions within their company. It was then up to the interviewer to make sure the candidates had those specific qualifications or similar and that met the expectations of the job posting. If they didn’t, then their resume would be over looked.

If I were to post a job for a Sales Position, I might require a minimum of sales experience. If I receive a resume from a candidate who is a veteran of sales, their resume would stand out over someone with 2-3 years of experience. Why, because the word veteran is someone who has had long experience in a particular field.

Search engines are no different. Think of them as the interviewer for the information you are searching for. As Google rolls out their new algorithm Bert, their results will become more relevant to searchers.

Example: If I were to search for “How to earn cashback on shopping” the results might look something like this:

Notice that Google replaces the word “earn” with “get” and the word “cashback” with “money”. The relevance and focus is still making money shopping.

So, whether you are trying to make the top of the list for a job or rank high on search engines, the words you use to describe yourself and your business hold importance.


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We are a Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency located in Springfield Massachusetts. We believe that small and medium-sized businesses are the economic foundation this country was and still is built on. We promise to give each client the same treatment as if they were our only client.

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